Low Payment Processing Rates

Enjoy the best merchant account credit & debit card processing rates in the industry.    NACCA  offers simple and transparent merchant services pricing.

Credit Card Processing for Businesses

As a leader in processing solutions for over 30 years, NACCA is proud to be at the cutting edge of merchant account products, solutions and technologies that serve our business clients.

All Payment Types

Credit, Debit, Chip, Gift, ACH, eCheck, EBT & contactless Payments like Apple Pay.

Omni Commerce

Accept payments in the store, on the road and online.

Easy Setup & Fast Deposits

Fast & easy account Setup, accept payments And receive deposits in Your bank account as Soon as the same day.

Surcharge & Convenience Fees

Credit card surcharging and convenience fees to pass on the cost of card acceptance.

ACH - Echeck

Accept bank account payments from consumers anywhere. Real-time validation of bank routing and account number.

Electronic Check Services

Our electronic check services can make accepting checks as easy & fast as credit and debit transactions.

Gift Card & Loyalty

Gift card, promotional card, loyalty rewards and offers seamlessly integrated with your payment terminal.

Multi Currency Conversion

Price products and services in other currencies. Reduce currency confusion and shopping cart abandonment.

Dynamic Currency Pricing

Convert USD currency into the visiting cardholders home currency immediately at the point of sale.

EMV & PCI Compliance

Protect your business and your customers from fraud and chargebacks with EMV & PCI-DSS Compliant Solutions.

Reporting & Chargebacks

Online reporting, statements, chargeback management tools and transaction qualification analysis.

Business Cash Advance

Access to capital fast to meet business needs based on future card receivables.

Accept All Payment Tyes

Help your business grow by enabling all merchant account payment types. Accept all credit.
debit, chip, gift, ACH, eCheck, EBT and contactless payments.

Omni Commerce

Our merchant account payment solutions let you accept payments anywhere at any time.  Accept merchant services payments in the store, on the road and online.

Start Processing & Get Paid Fast

Set Up

Let’s review your merchant account processing needs and complete a new account application. We’ll send you your equipment or other solution and train your team.

Fast Payments

Accept chip dipped, swiped, key entered and contactless payments like Apple Pay using a terminal, mobile smart phone, tablet or computer.

Get Funded

Funds are automatically Deposited into your bank Account as soon as the Same day.


Lower merchant account costs by charging the cardholder instead of your business, a surcharge fee on every credit card transaction at the time of the sale.  Available throughout the United States except for Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico.

Convenience Fee

Many government and educational institutions will benefit from passing the cost of processing credit and debit cards to the consumer.  Your institution receives 100% of its billed amount.  We collect the convenience fee and pay all merchant account transaction costs.  We can set the convenience fee to correspond to the cost of accepting the card the consumer chooses.  Consumers who choose to use a rewards card will cover the extra cost associated with using that rewards card.

ACH - Echeck

Bank account payments can be accepted as easily as credit or debit cards from consumers anywhere.  ACH – Echeck check not present transactions include web, PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entry), CCD (Cash Concentration and Dispursement), and Telephone.

Electronic Check Servcies (ECS)

Converts physical checks to electronic transactions at the point of purchase, back office and through the mail.

Point-of-purchase:  Payer presents check to business and the check is processed through the reader / imager.

Back office conversion:  Place checks in cash drawer to be processed through the reader / imager later.

Accounts receivable:  Checks are mailed or placed in drop box and then processed through a reader / imager.

Gift Card & Loyalty

Easy to use gift card and loyalty  program along with promotional offerings.  A quick and easy way to reward loyalty members.

Electronic Gift Card (EGC):  Electronic gift cards not only boost sales all year long, but they also encourage repeat business and attract new customers.  Standard pre-templated cards and custom cards with your own design are available.

Loyalty or Discount Program or Promotions:  Deliver loyalty rewards, promotions, offers, and gift cards that your customers crave.  Increase overall engagement with your shoppers – increase visits, increase sales, and increase revenue.

Multi Currency Conversion

Price your products and services in other currencies and we handle the rest.  Settlement and funding, net of exchange rates, are provided in USD.  Interchange rates and fees remain constant regardless of the currencies you choose to accept.

Dynamic Currency Pricing

Allow international cardholders to pay in their home currency immediately at the point of sale.  This offers less confusion for the cardholder as sales receipts match cardholder statements.  In addition, you’ll earn a rebated commission on every qualified Dynamic Currency transaction, providing an additional revenue stream.

PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is a technical and broad-ranging set of security requirements created by the Payment Card Industry, laying out what Merchants need to do to protect customer information. The PCI Council requires that Merchants meet this set of security requirements if their business accepts, transmits or processes customer payment cards, such as credit cards or debit cards. Merchants that do not comply with these requirements can be penalized in a number of ways, up to and including having thethem unable to accept customer payment cards.ir card-processing privileges revoked, leaving them unable to accept customer payment cards.

EMV Liability Shift

EMV (Europay®, MasterCard®, and Visa®) is a global technology standard for payment cards. EMV Chip Cards validate the authenticity of the card with the entity that issued the payment card, helping to reduce counterfeit card fraud.

Based on the regulations set forth by the card networks, merchants accepting card present transactions who have not migrated over to EMV technology by October 1st 2015 will be liable for fraud losses and counterfeit-card transactions. Merchants will be liable for Visa counterfeit transactions and

MasterCard and American Express counterfeit and lost or stolen transactions.

A small investment to upgrade your old equipment to become EMV capable can potentially avoid a chargeback loss due to the liability shift and not using an EMV terminal.

EMV chip cards are handled differently than what merchants are accustomed to. If you “swipe” an EMV (chip card) on an EMV terminal the terminal will prompt you to instead “insert” the EMV (chip card) to process using the chip. Rather than swiping, the EMV (chip card) is inserted into the terminal, chip first (face up). The EMV (chip card) must remain in the terminal during the entire transaction. The card holder will either sign the receipt or enter their PIN to complete the transaction. The EMV (chip card) is then removed from the terminal.


Online self-service reporting, online statements, downloadable reports, transaction details, search and automated reports by email or file transfer.


Online user-friendly web-based tools to automate much of the dispute management process, enabling businesses to minimize chargebacks losses and concentrate on your business.

Business Cash Advance

Our business cash advance programs provide immediate working capital to small and mid-sized businesses.  Repayment is through a percentage of your future card receivables.