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Better Payment Processing Solutions for Businesses.

At NACCA, we are true industry solution providers.  Servicing businesses from healthcare to B2B companies and from the retail sector to ecommerce.


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NetSuite Payment Integration

Business & Commercial Card Processing

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Government (B2G)
  • Level II & Level III processing

Using a platform optimized for interchange lowers your credit card processing costs and saves time. Sit back and relax while processing Level II and Level III transactions.

Business-to-Business merchants can reduce Interchange by up to 1.00% or more by adding enhanced data known as Level II and Level III to eligible transactions. NACCA’s value added solutions will help reduce interchange pass-through fees on Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. Level II data may include Customer Code and Tax Amount. Level III data is additional information about a transaction that is commonly found on an invoice. Visa and MasterCard generally charge a lower interchange rate for B2B and B2G transactions when Level III enhanced data is included with eligible transactions. Cards that benefit from enhanced data include Business, Corporate, Purchasing and Fleet cards. NACCA’s Level III solutions may significantly reduce the interchange fees you incur.

Surcharging – Zero Cost Acceptance

Make your cost for credit card acceptance effectively free by passing cost to cardholders.  Charge the cardholder, instead of your business, a surcharge fee on every credit card transaction at the time of sale.  The fee covers your acceptance costs for that transaction, meaning you can keep more of your revenue every month.

Convenience Fees – Education & Government

A convenience fee is a charge added to a credit or debit card transaction to cover the cost associated with processing the payment.

Conventional Convenience Fee:  Convenience fees are assessed as a single flat-percentage rate, most commonly 2.75% to 4%.  Often times, flat rate fees force the cardholder to absord convenience fees that are greater than the true cost of their transaction.

NACCA’s Intelligent Rate:  Different costs are associated with differen card types.  Our Intelligent Rate calculates the cards true cost based on the associated interchange fee in realtime rather than charging each card the same fee regardless of the card type.  This system ensures card holders pay only the true cost of their card, never anything more, unlike the conventional approach.

Billing, Invoicing & Quotes

Give your customers the ease of paying invoices online.  Send invoices by email – not snail mail and get funded as early as the same day when your customer makes their payment.

Business Expense Reduction

Our business performance solution provides a quick, easy and risk-free analysis to help save you money.  It’s simple:

    • Send us a 12 month General Ledger report.
    • We provide an overview of vendor spend identifying areas to optimize expenses.
    • We negotiate your agreements without impacting vendor relationships.

Choosing A Solution

Matching businesses with the right processor and solution to fit your evolving needs.

At NACCA, we strive to be your long term solutions provider. Our consultative, service oriented approach is at the heart of every client engagement.

Key to a successful merchant/service provider relationship is the ability to provide convenient customer payment options while maximizing your return on investment.

NACCA provides solutions that allow merchants to capture card present data on standalone payment terminals, smart phones, tablets, computers and point of sale systems.

We assist merchants in selecting the optimal solution for their business needs that will bring efficiency and cost savings. We will focus on solutions that make sense for each individual business and consider how the customer pays, how the merchant accepts payments, where payments are accepted, the mix of cards used as payment, loyalty programs, gift card offerings, check processing and more.

At NACCA, our strategy is to look at the full picture. A complimentary analysis of your business operations enables you to identify areas of success and strategies that can improve your bottom line on day one. A full evaluation can include:

  • Acquirer Analysis
  • Networks / Platform Review
  • Hardware and Software Evaluation
  • Gateway Solutions Analysis

Balancing customer service with efficient cash management and risk control is imperative. NACCA partners with its merchant accounts in all industries to help optimize payment processing.