Value Added Solutions

With NACCA’s payment processing solutions, you get much more than payment transactions. By leveraging our value added services you can grow your business, generate new revenue, increase the exposure of your brand and improve customer loyalty.

Electronic Check Service (ECS)

The processing methods available through NACCA give you the flexibility and ability to accept and electronically process any type of check presented by automatically and systemically leveraging any of three hosted processing methods. Gone is the need to establish parallel check acceptance processes depending on the type of check presented. With our partners, accepting checks has never been so convenient and cost-effective. ECS converts all paper checks – consumer and business – into safe, efficient electronic transactions that are processed with the speed and ease of credit card transactions. Gone are manual check reconciliations, time-consuming trips to the bank, and the hassles of check collections.

With our comprehensive ECS product set, you have one business partner and one connection to process and service your payment needs for Credit, Debit, Check and ACH payments with flexible platform delivery options.

  1. Direct DDA Access Processing: Through direct network connections to some of the largest financial institutions in the country, ECS offers the ability to directly access a check writer’s account in real-time. This unique process allows you to make check acceptance decisions based on information provided by actual bank data instead of a positive or negative file predictive database – reducing returned items by more than 30%. More than 35 million accounts can be accessed for Direct DDA Access processing.
  2. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing: For consumer checks that cannot be processed in real-time using Direct DDA access, our partners use proprietary systems to convert the check data received at the point-of-sale into an ACH debit transaction. With ACH-Echeck, you can receive payment on accounts over the web, telephone, back-office or via recurring payments inclusive of pre-arranged debits (PPD) and company-to-company debits (CCD), while eliminating paper-invoice processing, bank deposit preparation and manual handling of returns. As an extension of our ECS, you can collect a receivable using the bank routing number and account number from a check. In addition, you can process the transaction in realtime with validation and optional authorization risk services for financial settlement, reporting and next day funding.
  3. Check Replacement Document (CRD) Processing: Business, corporate and convenience checks are processed as an imaged check deposit through the banking system, utilizing a variety of acceptable methods depending on the type of check.
Electronic Gift Cards

Electronic Gift Cards (EGCs) are issued by Merchants at a set dollar amount for future purchase. When a Cardholder uses an EGC to make a purchase, the Transaction total is deducted from the value remaining on the Card until the pre-paid amount is spent. ECGs help increase revenue and attract new customers. They also reduce the fraud and labor associated with paper gift certificates. Our program allows you to select and tailor the card design and processing features that your business needs.

Electronic Loyalty Programs

It has never been easier to attract new customers and build on you existing book of business. NACCA’s next generation of loyalty programs offer an integrated package of customizable loyalty rewards, offers, promotions, and gift cards that deliver all the power of some of the largest loyalty programs. Customers get to easily track rewards and redeem them at checkout.

You not only benefit through satisfied customers but also actionable data for long term success.

NACCA can help ensure you have established the right rewards program for your type of business, and that you measure your program’s effectiveness.

This is done through our:

  • Seamless integration at the point-of-sale, where enrollment options and offers are automatically presented to your customers
  • Analytics that let you measure your program’s effectiveness anytime
  • Expertise behind a customer loyalty program with secure processing and a dedicated service team
Fanfare Solutions

With our Fanfare set of solutions, your customers get the kind of benefits they previously only received from large chains’ customer loyalty programs. And they get a program that is incredibly easy to use.

  • Customers can join with as little as a phone number—no paper coupons, cards or key fobs
  • Members can see and redeem offers right at checkout
  • Loyalty points never expire
  • Fanfare automatically tracks customer loyalty points, offers and rewards
  • A branded, online member site makes it easy for customers to check rewards progress and current offers, as well as manage communication preferences
Working Capital - Business Cash Advance

Our Business Cash Advance programs provide immediate working capital to small and mid-sized businesses. The majority of our customers interested in this programs are unable to obtain capital from traditional banks. As an alternative to bank loans, underwriting is not credit driven but concentrates on the performance and stability of your business. Our Business Cash Advance programs do not require collateral or personal guarantees. We offer flexible capital funding with easy-to-meet requirements, enabling you to:

  • Hire new employees
  • Expand your inventory
  • Pay for repairs or purchase new equipment
  • Remodel
Small Business Loan Program

Our financial partners offer flexible small business lending programs. These programs offer unique alternatives to traditional bank loans. It is a hassle free option that allows business owners who have limited access to capital due to the tightening credit markets to obtain the financing they need to support and grow their business. Unlike a bank, our partners look at the historical cash flow and performance of a business, not just a strict credit criteria. This allows them the flexibility to effectively evaluate your business and provide you the financing you deserve.

Learn more about the processing solutions available for your company, contact us today.