B2B & B2G Level 3

Using a platform optimized for interchange lowers your credit card processing costs and saves time. Sit back and relax while processing Level II and Level III transactions.

Business-to-Business merchants can reduce Interchange by Up to 1.75% by adding enhanced data known as Level II and Level III to eligible transactions. NACCA’s value added solutions will help reduce interchange pass-through fees on Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. Level II data may include Customer Code and Tax Amount. Level III data is additional information about a transaction that is commonly found on an invoice. Visa and MasterCard generally charge a lower interchange rate for B2B and B2G transactions when Level III enhanced data is included with eligible transactions. Cards that benefit from enhanced data include Business, Corporate, Purchasing and Fleet cards. NACCA’s Level III solutions may significantly reduce the interchange fees you incur.

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