Merchant Services


Matching merchants with the right processor and solution to fit their evolving needs

Established in 1989, NACCA provides credit card processing to over 6,000 merchants across the U.S.  Merchants participating in NACCA programs benefit from economies of scale and the collective buying power of NACCA’s client base.  NACCA’s Management Team possess on average over 20 years industry experience.  Additionally, NACCA’s experienced relationship management team includes Electronic Transaction Association Certified Payments Professionals (ETA CPPs), industry trained, certified and committed to ensuring the success of NACCA merchants.

NACCA’s relationship management team services and supports merchant processing through Elavon and iPayment  ̶  First Data, two of the largest credit card processors and payment networks in the U.S.  NACCA is registered with Visa® and MasterCard® as a Merchant Services Provider (MSP).

NACCA’s breadth of long standing partner relationships include payment gateways, equipment manufacturers, software, and web developers.

NACCA provides solutions and services that enable businesses to accept payments such as credit cards, debit cards, checks, ACH, gift cards, and mobile wallets from their customers.  What’s new in the industry is standard business practice for NACCA.

NACCA’s processors offer both standard as well as highly customized solutions depending on the business need.  Everything from merchant pricing structures to payment platforms and networks to equipment and reporting tools can be reviewed by NACCA and recommendations made to suit your requirements.


A few of the merchant parameters that will affect a merchant’s choice in solutions providers include:

  • Type of business
  • Type of customer
  • Sales process
  • Monthly sales volume
  • Average ticket
  • Point-of-sale system

We optimize merchants by matching them with the best processor for their particular needs.  Our process includes:

  • Set-up and coding accounts properly to realize the best Interchange Rates.
  • We provide training so our merchants understand best practices that result in the best rates.
  • We provide solutions that enhance the data supplied to the card issuers to improve Interchange Rates.
  • We provide configuration assistance and request important data elements to ensure transactions settle.
    in a timely fashion and result in the best rates.